Violet Courtwear Founders Commemorate Influential Women


Hello Violet Courtwear friends and family: 

As a company built by women, for women, and in support of all women in the sport of tennis (and beyond), we are proud to announce the naming of our initial short designs after women who were extremely influential in our lives. The two women we have chosen to feature in our 2019 inaugural shorts line were strong, wise, and nurturing; filled with unconditional love; and contributed in myriad ways to make each of us who we are today.  

They were both, most definitely, Violets

The Sargent:
  We are introducing our stylish, trim, tailored tennis short with external ball pockets as “The Sargent.” Susan Sargent was Violet Courtwear co-founder Jessica Dumphy’s longtime tennis partner and close friend. Sue approached tennis (and life) with vigor, enthusiasm, generosity, sparkle, and fun. She was supportive in every way possible; she had a powerful, kind way of reminding her loved ones to believe in themselves. She would be incredibly proud to witness the launch of Violet Courtwear. Sue passed away in 2015 and will forever occupy a special spot in Jessica’s heart.  

The Beverly:  We introduce our fashion-forward, fun and flared laser cut design with unique hidden ball pockets as “The Beverly.” Beverly Colomb Bricken was Knox’s grandmother. She was a smart, fashionable, hard-working, and personable lady. However, it was her inner strength and the fine quality of her character that drew people to her in life, and is the trait that is remembered after her passing. She was the kind of person who always kept her head up and her eyes in search of the honorable path forward.  

At Violet, we are focused on building up all women and look forward to continuing to contribute to the conversation for equality, equity, and access for women both on and off the court.  Thank you for your support through the early phase of our launch. We’re only just getting started! #iwearviolet  


Jessica Dumphy + Knox Bricken Flynt


Violet Courtwear

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