Violet Courtwear Annouces Temporary Pause in Operations

Dear Violet Courtwear friends and family:

We hope that this note finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe. Our families are fortunately healthy and we have been quarantining safely in our homes. We have been working on learning what it will take to support our families through this unprecedented time — taking time to learn schooling techniques; to bake, play games, and walk/bike together; and to reinforce our family structure. We have also been reflecting and working to figure out how Violet Courtwear will fit into our new reality. 
Before the Coronavirus hit, we were in the process of setting manufacturing for our spring/summer line. Once the virus began affecting the Asian markets, our whole process halted and any chance of new Violet Courtwear shorts reaching the 2020 spring/summer market disappeared. It looks like, at best, manufacturing will be slow to recover. Ethically, we are not interested in participating in a too-early push to “return to normal” that just results in prolonged illness and more heartbreak. So we have decided to officially put the business on “pause.” 

We know we have a great idea — our initial manufacturing run sold out in record time to great acclaim and we loved seeing so many of you rocking our shorts! We can’t wait to get back to manufacturing and selling our wonderful shorts! But for now, it makes most sense to take a pause and focus on our families and on the health of our country and our world. 
We look forward to being back to you with more Violet Courtwear offerings and we can’t wait to get back on the courts. Until then, please be in touch with any questions, comments, or just to say hello!

With love and gratitude,
Jessica + Knox
Jessica Dumphy / Knox Bricken Flynt
Violet Courtwear

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