The Movement Of Tennis

At Violet, we are moving beyond the staid and traditional uniform of skirts that has defined women's tennis to enable freer and more modern play through shorts and other more flexible courtwear options.  Violet supports the women’s tennis movement for equality in comfort, fashion and opportunity. We will do this not just by designing and making amazing courtwear, but by creating meaningful community platforms to enable connection, participation, philanthropy, conviviality, and joy.

Who is Violet?

Jessica and Knox met over a decade ago through their shared passion for tennis. That passion has been the foundation for a strong friendship which has evolved from tennis camp adventures and league partnerships to, most recently, becoming business partners.

We both began our careers in the business world; Knox in marketing and Jessica in finance. We bonded over our inherent drives to learn and improve at our crafts but discovered we were kindred spirits with, of course, our love of tennis, but also our desire to build community and address issues of social justice. Over the years we each had two children and family has taken an increasingly important role in our lives. We are both valuing the opportunity to involve our kids in this business and for them to witness what can be done by their moms, working hard.

The passion that we shared a decade ago for tennis and that sparked a genuine friendship has now evolved to a new passion: Violet Courtwear! We cannot wait to see where this new journey takes us – we hope you will join us for the adventure!